Sunday, April 19, 2020

Allosaurus( from One Million Years B.C.(1966))

Allosaurus( from One Million Years B.C.(1966))
height 20cm
main material  Stone clay
*This model is I sculpted before.
I modified some  texture and took photo again. 

  This Allosaurus is my favorite dinosaur in Ray Harryhausen's dinosaur movies. The dinosaurs in Harryhausen's movies were my first "living" dinosaurs! About 15 years ago, I sculpted some Harryhausen's movie monsters as original models for goods.
But that time, I wasn't able to sculpt dinosaurs. This time, finally I was able to sculpt it as my personal work.

 A dinosaur book for children,published in 1978.
When I was a child, I couldn't get this book. A few years ago, a book editor gave me this book. There are many photos of Arthur Hayward works. He is one of my favorite paleoartist since I was a child!