Friday, January 6, 2006


I live in Japan.
I sculpt paleo animal works for exhibition in museums, and model of commodity.

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology  
Paleontological Society of Japan

Exhibition in museum
Special exhibitions
 Natural History Museum.Kishiwada City(2005,2008)
 Ibaraki Nature Museum(2008,2009)
 Lake Biwa Museum(2009,2010)  
 Goshoura Cretaceous Museum(2010)
 The Mizunami Fossil Museum(2011)
 Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo,(2012)
 Kuzuu Fossil Museum.(2014)
 National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo.(2014,2015)
Gifu Prefectural Museum(2022-2023)
 The paleoart special exhibition DINOSAUR DREAMS(2023)
 and others,

Permanent exhibition
 The Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University
 Numata Fossil Museum
 The Museum of Osaka University
 Kuzuu Fossil Museum.
 Tamaba dinosaur fossil Lab.
 The Kyoto University Museum
 Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo,
Gifu Prefectural Museum
Mizunami Fossil Museum
 Saitama Museum of Natural History
 Natural History Museum and Institute of Chiba
 Tokushima Prefecutural Museum
 Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum

Workshop and Presentation
Natural History Museum.Kishiwada City
The Museum of Osaka University
Numata Fossil Museum
Tamaba dinosaur fossil Lab.
Goshoura Cretaceous Museum
The Mizunami Fossil Museum
Neyagawa city central library
Daito city library
 J:com & History Channel 
and others,

 Hyogo International Dinosaur Symposium 2013
 The meeting of Fossil Research Society Japan
 National Taiwan University
 and others,

Business relations>On the works for goods and books.
Publish company
 Gakken, Kaisei-sha, Media factory,Kodan-sha

 on this book

on this book

 on this book

Toy company
Favorite Co.,Ltd.(Kinto)
 The scene of Dinosaur,
Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops,
Prehistoric life,
 Burgess monster mini size toy

 Futabasaurus(Futabasuzukiryu) plastic model



The others
The Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings
 the official toy of the special exhibition "The Gobi:Cradle of the most enchanting dinosaur fossils"  

 Tamba city
 the official toy of Tamba sauropod