Monday, November 17, 2014

The meeting of Fossil Research Society Japan.

On 15th-16th Nov. I participated in The meeting of Fossil Research Society Japan. I did examination of a picture contest of sea cow discovered in Nagaoka, dinosaur reconstruction workshops for kids, and a presentation on making of reconstruction model of sea cow Hydrodamalis.sp of the Nagaoka Municipal Science Museum. I sculpted the 1/10 scale model of it.And then, Studio Toriado made the full-size model by increasing the 1/10 model to ten times.
In the meeting, Hitoshi Furusawa,(Sapporo Museum Activity Center) and Keiichi Takahashi(Lake Biwa Museum) had presentations on their study.
Furusawa is the supervisor of the Hydrodamalis model.
Takahashi is the supervisor of Wolly mammoth toy of Favorite Co.,Ltd. that I sculpted the original model.


Friday, November 14, 2014

SVP 2014 in Berlin.

Dunkleosteus is
That was developed with reference to the models I sculpted and, supervised by Taketeru Tomita(the winner of Edwin H. and Margaret M. Colbert Award in 2010.
I'm really glad that I could take take these photos!