Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A preview of special exhibition "Prehistoric Mammals"

I participated in a preview of "Prehistoric Mammals" ,special exhibition of japanese fossil mammals. at National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo.
I sculpted 3 reconstruction models, Higotherium(Esthonychidae),Plesiocolopinus(Helaletidae),and Zaisanamynodon(Aminodontidae) for this exhibition.

 Palaeoloxodon naumanni



 Desmostylia skeletons.

 Higotherium(Esthonychidae) :my work



 With Yukimitsu Tomida, the superviser of this special exhibition. 

 With Makoto Manabe, paleontologist of this museum. He has been supervising many dinosaur books.

 Smilodon and woolly mammoth toys that I sculpted the original models. http://www.f-favorite.net/SHOP/982789/list.html