Sunday, December 6, 2009

Takashi Oda's works

My friend Takashi Oda is one of the most active paleo artists in JAPAN.
He has drawn many works for books and museums.

Toyohashi Museum of Natural History
About the detail(Takashi Oda's weblog).
Original size 83.5 x 333cm.

Process of reconstruction of Akebonozou(Stegodon aurorae).

Fevorite(kinto)'s new Tyrannosaurus skeleton model was designed by him and Tatsuya Hirasawa.

He has participated to SVP annual meeting since 2005.
He is the first Japanese paleo artist who joined the meeting.
I started to join the meeting in 2006 with him.
We have met and talked with many paleontologists and paleo artists.
Our English are not so good. But, everyone talks friendly with us.