Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Malawisaurus dixeyi

length 50cm
scale 1/20



Cámara said...

What a beauty!!Fantastic! Mr Tokugawa,could you tell me which clay do you use?I am exploring the world of japanese modelers and your working method is very interesting (so much cutting and sanding!).I would love to buy some of that air drying cly to give it a try.I think I can buy some from hobby link japan but don´t know which one to choose!

Oh,by the way,I am the anonymous from Spain...yet not so anonymous!hahaa

Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

Hello Cámara,
I'm so sorry my reply was late.
I went out for paleontology meeting and Wonder Festival(the biggest garage kit and figure convention in Japan).

On air drying clay, I mainly use New Fando.
I think you can sculpt a 25cm length dinosaur model by a pack of the clay.