Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

By the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, this year is tiger year.
So I sculpted Thylacosmilus.
Of course, I know Thylacosmilus is not Felidae.

I sculped this work by sculpey3(color sculpy) for the main body and other clay for fangs. I used the color of sculpies and clay, so I didn't paint to this work.

I couldn't use enough time for this works, so the quality as reconstruction is not so good.

I hope for you keep seeing this weblog and my website this year too.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous from Spain!

Happy New Year,Master Tokugawa!
Hope to see tons of paleoart from you this year!!
I wish for you wealth,money,love and luck for 2010!For you and your family!

Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

Thank you for your impressions on my works in last year!
I'm going to keep sculpting many and good works.
And, I'm looking forward to see your new works.