Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I sculpted this Tarbosaurus for the model of the official toy of the special exhibition "The Gobi:Cradle of the most enchanting dinosaur fossils"  at Osaka Museum of Natural History.

The length is 25cm.
The material of commodity is PVC.
 manufactured by favorite (Kinto)

This toy is sold only the special exhibition. The special exhibition is not so big, but is very wonderful. There are about 200 exhibits, and the almost are original fossils!! I'm very proud that I could sculpt this model with supervising by paleontologist for the exhibition .


Steve Jarvis said...

Hi Hirokazu, your work is wonderful. Many many people around the world are searching for your Tarbosaurus figure. It breaks their heart they cannot find it. It's a shame we in Engalnd cannot find it.

I had a look at your other work, wow I was amazed by your 1,000,000 years bc allosaurus. I love that figure, I have a model from the dvd box presentation and I have other Harry-Hausen figures too. But nothing looks as beautiful as what you have created. How can I buy it please?

Thank you for your time, and keep up your wonderful work, many people love it.



Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

To Steve.

I'm so sorry to my reply was late.
I'm really happy to know your impression for my works!
On Allosaurus, That is my personal work, so I don't sell it.
I sculpted some Harry-Hausen monster mini statue products.
I hope to get the chance that sculpting Harry-Hausen monsters for mass product.