Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Acrocanthosaurus atokensis

Length 60cm
Scale 1/20

The main references
 "Functional Variation of Neck Muscles and Their Relation to Feeding Style in. Tyrannosauridae and Other Large. Theropod Dinosaurs." ERIC SNIVELY  AND ANTHONY P. RUSSELL.

"A new specimen of Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (Theropoda, Dinosauria) from the Lower Cretaceous Antlers Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Aptian) of Oklahoma, USA" Currie, Philip J.; Carpenter, Kenneth. (2000).

"Estimating Mass Properties of Dinosaurs Using Laser Imaging and 3D Computer Modelling" Karl T. Bates, Phillip L. Manning, David Hodgetts, William I. Sellers

"Range of motion in the forelimb of the theropod dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, and implications for predatory behaviour"
Senter, Phil; & Robins, James H. (2005).

"The Greatest Dinosaur Expo 2002( in Japan)"Catalog



Drew said...

Hi, I am a paleontologist that has just described that specimen of Acrocanthosaurus here:

Is there any way to purchase one of your Acrocanthosaurus sculptures?


Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

To Mr.Drew,

Thank you for your comment.
I was just checking your paper.
That is interesting research!

On my Acrocanthosaurus, that is one of the kind work, and I don't intend to take the copy. I'm going to use it for books and exhibition of museum or my own exhibition, and don't intend to sell. I'm sorry.


Dinosculptor said...
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Dinosculptor said...

Hey Hirokazu im a huge fan of your work, im a paleosculptor myself in St.louis Mo. I was wondering if this model is available as a kit or is it an original sculpt only. Thanks let me know please -Shane Foulkes.

Hirokazu Tokugawa said...
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Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

Hello Shane Foulkes.

Thank you for your comment.
Of course, I know of you and your wonderful works!
I've seen your dinosaur kits in Japan.

I haven't prepared new kits in this few years.
I've been sculpting works for books , commodity, and museums. I usually don't take the copy.

Andre L. R. Bacha said...

Great sculpture!