Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My works for Numata Fossil Museum (1)

Amynodon watanabei
scale 1/10

Occasionally Amynodon are reconstructed with same shape of Metamynodon. But there are differences between the skeleton of Amynodon and Metamynodon. Amynodon has longer legs than Metamynodon. And the skull forms are difference too. I tried to express the differences for this model.



Dr. Alien said...

Really great work, this Amynodon. I would like to see too a nice Metamynodon, because I cannot to see a beautiful model of it. If you have took a pic of one in a museum, it would be kind to post it; otherwise, if you create one yourself, it would be exciting to compare with your Amynodon. Another interesting, more modern semi-aquatic Rhinoceros, is Chilotherium with its long tusks.

Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

Thank you for your impression.
I'm very interested in sculpting Metamynodon and Chilotherium.
If I had the chance, I would try to express the difference between Metamynodon and Amynodon.