Saturday, March 13, 2010

Animal sculptors in Taiwan

3/4-9, I visited to Taiwan.
I went to the marine reptile special exhibition at the National Museum of Natural Science and the other three dinosaur exhibitions.

I could meet animal sculptors in Taiwan.

Mr. Skink's work.

Mr.J's works.


Mr.Sun's works.

Mr.Suchus's works.
1/48 Tyrannosaurus(under painting)

 1/48 Giganotosaurus


 1/48 Asian elephant

All works are wonderful!
we gathered at Mr.Skink's house,
and we talked about various things.
I could have very happy time with them!


sun said...

I'm sun,in taiwan.
I'm very happy to meet you at Mr.Skink's house,
sorry about that I'm too late to write this message for you,
I think your dinosaur sculptures are very famous in japen, even in world,
You are truely a craftsmanship
and you are very kindly to share anything about that,
thank you to admire me about my little sculpture,I'm so embarrassed and happy,
I hope to see your new great sculpture soon.
follow this site is my new blog:
I would be continue to add this content more...

Hirokazu Tokugawa said...

Hello Sun,

Thank you for your comment!
I was very glad to meet you in Taiwan.
Your works gave me many stimulation.

I enjoy your new blog.
I'm pleased to see your new works one after another.